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Academy Membership Pricing Options:
A ONE-TIME $35 Registration Fee covers the costs of reversible jersey and is separate from monthly membership pricing.

  • Any single day drop-in is $20

Monthly Prices


Sunday evenings, 1 Day/Week Per Month: $75

  • For grades 5- High School (grades 5-8 and H.S. will have separate workouts )
  • Includes discounted rates to all DDBA Camps and Clinics apart from Academy.



Graves gym at Whitworth University
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WAIVER: I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the individual named above, a minor, do hereby agree to allow the individual named herein to participate in the aforementioned activity and authorize and appoint the program directors and/or instructors as Attorneys in Fact and agents for the undersigned consent to medical, surgical and/or dental examinations, in addition to any and all other treatments that may be deemed necessary by medical personnel. It is understood that participation involves an element of risk and a danger of accidents. Knowing those risks, I hereby assume those risks. In addition, I understand that by signing this agreement, I hereby release and discharge Dan Dickau Basketball Academy, Whitworth University and any staff from any and all liability resulting in injury associated with the camper's participation in this activity. I understand it is my responsibility to inform camp personnel of any medical conditions, allergies, food restrictions or any other special needs my son/daughter may have. In the absence of a parent/guardian's signature below, payment of fees and participation in the program shall constitute acceptance of the conditions set forth in this release.


To Register for the Academy

1. Fill out the web form.

2. Bring check or cash to the first session

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